‘Burn Bra Challenge’ Reflects Women’s Outrage After Nike Partners With Dylan Mulvaney

A woman known as "chatterbox.mama" on Tiktok has implored women to take part in the "burn bra challenge" as an act of protest against Nike's partnership with transgender, biological male Dylan Mulvaney.

Dozens of Athletes Sign Letter Opposing Federal Bill That Protects Women’s Sports

Forty professional and Olympic athletes signed a letter in opposition to the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act of 2023, which prohibits biological men from competing in women's sports.

Los Angeles LGBT Center Advertises ‘All-Ages Drag March’ Scheduled For Easter Sunday

The Los Angeles LGBT Center is advertising an "all-ages Drag March" scheduled to be held on Easter Sunday.

Nike Tells Customers To ‘Be Kind, Be Inclusive’ Over Transgender Partnership

Athletic company Nike defended its decision to use transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney in campaigns to promote the company's female clothing line.

Biden Admin Proposes Change to Title IX Preventing Schools From Total Bans Against Trans Athletes

The proposal claims to "support Title IX's protection for equal athletics opportunity."

Man Takes Hostage and Kills One at California Park after Wounding Officer

The tragic incident occurred in the early afternoon when families were playing at nearby baseball fields and children attending camp.

Bud Light Makes Trans Activist Dylan Mulvaney Its Latest Spokesperson

The campaign honors Mulvaney's first full year of openly being a transgender woman.

Rep. Thomas Massie Calmly Confronts Screaming Democrat

"You're just screaming at me," Massie told Rep. Jamaal Bowman.

Female-Identifying Man Enters Women’s Powerlifting Event, Breaks Record

Head coach for Team Canada Powerlifting Avi Silverberg identified as a female powerlifter and entered Canada's Heroes Classic tournament.

NPR Corrects Tweet Claiming There Is ’Limited Scientific Evidence’ Men Have Athletic Advantages Over Women

National Public Radio (NPR) corrected a tweet that claimed there is “limited scientific evidence” men have physical advantages over women in sports.

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