NPR Claims There’s ‘Limited Scientific Evidence’ Men Have ‘Physical Advantage’ Over Women in Sports

National Public Radio was ridiculed for claiming that there is "limited scientific evidence" that men have a "physical advantage" over women in sports.

Women’s Cycling Champion Ends Career After Biological Males Win Female Championship

Cyclocross champion Hannah Arensman stated she plans to retire from her cycling career following her loss to biological men in the UCI Cyclocross National Championships.

Multiple NHL Teams Have Opted Out of ‘Pride Night’ Jerseys, as Resistance Grows Despite Media Pressure

The San Jose Sharks' James Reimer became the second player in two months to publicly opt out of wearing a "Pride"-themed warm-up jersey, joining the Philadelphia Flyers' Ivan Provorov, who also cited his Christian beliefs as the reason not to participate.

Wyoming Bans Males from Participating in Female Sports

The law, which will take effect on July 1, prohibits “students of the male sex from competing on a team designated for students of the female sex.”

Wyoming Bans Males in Girls’ Sports Without Governor Signature

The Republican governor admitted he has concerns about the bill.

1.3 Million Firearms Sold Last Month

More than 1.3 million were sold during the month of February.

U.S. Court Rules Biological Males Can Compete Against Women

USA Powerlifting has been ordered by a discrimination court to allow biological males who identify as "transgender" athletes to compete in the women's division.

Christian High School Girls’ Basketball Team Refused to Compete Against Male Opponent — Now the Whole School Has Been Punished

Last month, the girls' varsity basketball team at Mid Vermont Christian School forfeited a playoff game rather than compete against Long Trail Mountain, a team that has a male player who claims to be female.

Yale Law School Hosts Drag Queen Children’s Book Reading

Yale Law School hosted its first drag queen children's book reading and talk on diversity and inclusivity, featuring Robin Fierce, a Ru Paul's Drag Race contestant.

USA Powerlifting Forced To Allow Transgender Athletes Compete in Female Events After Losing Discrimination Case

USA Powerlifting must revise its policy to allow trans athletes to compete in the women's category after previously being banned.

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