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Archbishop Viganò: Globalists Have Fomented War in Ukraine to Establish the Tyranny of the New World Order

The Ukrainian people, regardless of what ethnic group they may belong to, are merely the latest unwitting hostages of the supranational totalitarian regime that brought the national economies of the entire world to their knees through the COVID deception.

Russia’s List of ‘Unfriendly Countries’

Russian government approves list of unfriendly countries and territories that imposed or joined the sanctions against Russia after the start of its military operation in Ukraine.

Fort Stewart Soldiers Deploying to Europe Will Draw Heavy Weapons From Army’s Stockpile on the Continent for First Time

The Fort Stewart soldiers ordered last week to Europe on a short-notice deployment to deter Russian aggression will become the first unit to draw heavy armored weapons — including tanks — from the Army’s prepositioned stocks on the Continent, commanders said Tuesday.

Oil Prices Surge Above $100 a Barrel as War on Ukraine Rages

Oil prices soared and investors shifted more money into ultra-safe U.S. government bonds as Russia stepped up its war on Ukraine. The price of oil surged back above $100 a barrel after Russia, a major energy producer, faced further isolation and economic damage because of its invasion of Ukraine.

Leave Africa Alone and Stop Forcing the Shots It Clearly Doesn’t Need

To quote Rep. Thomas Massie, “We are 100 weeks, 2 presidents, 7 trillion dollars, 3 jabs, and a shredded Constitution into slowing the spread.” And what have we gotten for it? Here is a chart worth 7 trillion words comparing the results of high-income nations and low income nations.

NBC Olympics Ratings Tank

The fool’s gold medal for the least-watched Winter Olympics goes to NBC.

Zelensky Invites Biden to Visit Ukraine in “Coming Days” in Pushback Against ‘Imminent’ Invasion Fears

During their Sunday phone call, Ukraine's President Zelensky asked Biden to visit Kyiv in person amid continuing White House claims that a Russian invasion is set to happen "any day" now. 

2022 Olympic Opening Ceremony Viewership Hits Record Low

The 2022 Opening Ceremony for the Olympics in Beijing, China resulted in some of the worst ratings in history.

Wokeness Hits the Upper Echelons of the Air Force

A few days ago, I noticed a disturbing tweet by Representative Dan Crenshaw about preferential treatment and lowered standards in the Air Force Special Tactics selection course.

South Korea Rises Against COVID Mandates and Joins Global Fight for Liberty

The people of South Korea are rising up against outrageous government overreach from Covid vaccine mandates and restrictions, demonstrating their opposition to tyranny by gathering by the thousands in Seoul on Saturday to fight for their freedoms through peaceful but powerful protesting.

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