South Korea

G20 Countries to Develop ‘Digital Public Infrastructure,’ Raising Privacy Concerns

Digital ID systems may threaten individual freedoms.

South Korea Increases Condolence Payments for Vaccine-Related Deaths

In a recent move to address concerns about post-vaccination deaths, South Korean officials have boosted the condolence money offered to affected families.

U.S. Moves Forward With $6 Billion Iranian Prisoner Swap

The identities of the Iranian prisoners are unknown.

Iran President Celebrates $6 Billion Prisoner Swap Agreement

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi appeared in an interview with NBC to discuss the prisoner swap between Iran and the United States.

Study Raises Concerns on N95 Masks Emitting Toxic Compounds

Immediate symptoms might include headaches and nausea, while long-term exposure has the potential to cause organ damage and even cancer.

New COVID Variant ‘Eris’ First Emerged in South Africa, Where Pfizer Is Headquartered and Omicron First Emerged

As debate around the coronavirus "lab leak hypothesis" continues, fueling speculation as to the extent human intention or error contributed to the COVID-19 pandemic, questions are raised about whether Pfizer's laboratories in Mumbai and Johannesburg are implicated in the emergence of new COVID variants like Eris.

Biden To Exchange Jailed Iranians for Americans in $6 Billion Deal

President Joe Biden has secured a $6 billion prisoner swap agreement.

Historic Russian-Chinese Flotilla of 11 Ships Patrols Near Alaska, Prompting U.S. Response Amid Ukraine, Taiwan Crises

In a move that’s stirring concerns among U.S. military experts, a joint Russian and Chinese naval patrol, the largest to approach American shores, was spotted near Alaska last week.

U.S. Solder Travis King in North Korean Custody

North Korea said that it has custody of U.S. soldier Travis King.

North Korea Promises to ‘Annihilate’ U.S. If Provoked

North Korea's Foreign Ministry promised to "annihilate" the United States this century if provoked.

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