Sex Trafficking

Far-Left Outlet Alleges Tim Ballard Engaged in Sexual Misconduct

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is distancing itself from Ballard's alleged "morally unacceptable" behavior.

U.S. Military Base Cancels ‘Sound of Freedom’ Screening

The U.S. Southern Command canceled two showings of the anti-child sex trafficking film "Sound of Freedom."

JPMorgan Under Scrutiny for Suspicious Epstein Transactions Exceeding $1 Billion

Epstein’s association with JPMorgan persisted from the late 1990s and was only severed in 2013.

FBI ‘Operation Cross Country’ Rescues 200 Sex Trafficking Victims, Arrests 126 Suspects, Locates 59 Missing Children

The operation's success was largely attributed to the dedicated work of a multidisciplinary team (MDT) that included victim specialists, child/adolescent forensic interviewers, and other victim service personnel.

Jeffrey Epstein Referred Bill Gates, Elon Musk to JPMorgan Chase

Jeffrey Epstein reportedly referred high net-worth clients, including Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, business man Elon Musk, and Google co-founder Sergey Brin to JPMorgan Chase.

Chase Bank Closes Accounts of Popular ‘Natural Health’ Doctor Joseph Mercola

JP Morgan Chase recently terminated the bank account of Dr. Joseph Mercola, known for his criticism of COVID vaccines and proponent of natural health.

McCarthy to Host ‘Sound of Freedom’ Screening

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy is hosting a screening of "Sound of Freedom."

US Virgin Islands Wants JPMorgan Chase To Pay Millions For Its Association With Jeffrey Epstein

The US Virgin Islands reportedly wants JPMorgan Chase to pay at least $190 million to resolve a lawsuit accusing the largest US bank of ignoring Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking.

Zuckerberg Summoned to Florida by State Attorney General Over Human Trafficking Concerns on Meta Platforms

"The findings of our statewide survey and other reports make it clear that Meta platforms are the preferred social media applications for human traffickers looking to prey on vulnerable people," Florida's attorney general said.

Biden DOJ Deletes Webpages Spotlighting Child Sex Trafficking Crisis

The removal of these sections from the DOJ webpage has led to significant concern among child protection advocates and the wider public.

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