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Book Detailing Adult ‘Rape’ of Minor, Explicit Sexual Content on California Orange Unified School District’s Library App for Young Students (Video)

A mother of three elementary school students revealed on Thursday that a book detailing the "rape of a minor by an adult" can be found in a library app on iPads that the Orange Unified School District distributes to students.

New Jersey Election Results Flip After Tabulation Error Discovered

The error affects six voting districts.

Parents Claim Ohio School District Implemented Transgender Bathroom Policy, Say Girls Feel Unsafe

Parents and clergy members claimed that an Ohio school district implemented a transgender bathroom policy without informing parents.

Loudoun County Dad Found Not Guilty of Trespassing at School Board Meeting

Loudoun County father found not guilty of trespassing at June 2021 school board meeting after expressing concerns about school district's "moral decay," arrest used by Biden administration to attack concerned parents.

California School Board Bans CRT During First Meeting

Temecula Valley Unified School District in southern California voted to ban Critical Race Theory (CRT) during their first meeting.

Separating School Bathrooms Based on Sex Is Constitutional, Court Rules

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit ruled that separating bathrooms based on sex doesn't violate the Constitution or Title IX, a decision with repercussions for the nationwide debate over transgender issues.

CDC Issues ‘Assessment Tool’ for Teachers to Determine Their Level of Commitment to LGBTQ Agenda

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has provided an "assessment tool" for teachers to determine how "LGBTQ inclusive" they are with students.

Santa, Snowman Teach Children About Gender Identity

New Jersey parents have condemned school board officials after it was learned their children received a lesson about transgenderism from a "gender snowperson."

Texas School District Changes Policy to Allow Some Employees to Carry Firearms

Keller ISD has changed a policy in response to the Uvalde shooting that allows certain employees to be armed.

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