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Court Rules Refusing to Wear a Mask is Not Constitutionally Protected

U.S. Circuit Judge Thomas Ambro decided that refusing to wear a face mask is not protected by the U.S. Constitution.

‘We Never Notify Parents’ of Child’s Gender Transition: Rhode Island School Board Member

A member of Rhode Island's North Kingstown School District suggested schools should "never" inform parents of their child's gender identity struggles.

Parents Attempt to Recall Virginia School Board Member Sworn In on LGBT Books

Parents have launched a recall effort against Karl Frisch, a Fairfax County School Board member, after he was sworn in on LGBT books instead of the Bible.

Legal Group Alleges Biden Admin Pushed AG Merrick Garland to ‘Intimidate Parents’

America First Legal (AFL) has obtained records from the Department of Justice (DOJ) that confirm that the FBI, at the request of Attorney General Merrick Garland, intimated parents who spoke against school boards.

Virginia School Board Member Sworn In on LGBT Literature

A Virginia school board member was sworn in with books featuring LGBTQ content.

Two New Jersey School Districts Remove Transgender Policy

Two New Jersey school districts have voted to remove transgender policies.

Texas Board of Education Votes to Ban Sexually Explicit Books From School Libraries

The Texas Board of Education voted 13-1 to prohibit sexually explicit books from school libraries.

Lawsuit Alleges Arizona School District Instruct Students How to Hide Gender Identity From Parents

America First Legal (AFL) is representing Rachel Walden in her lawsuit against Mesa Public Schools and Superintendent Andi Fourlis.

Illinois High School Segregates Classes for Black, Hispanic Students

A high school in Evanston, Illinois, is offering segregated classes for black and Hispanic students.

California School District Begins Three-Year Plan To Train Students To Become ‘Critical Race Theory Activists’

A school district in California’s Bay Area is launching an initiative expected to cost more than $100,000 to train over a hundred students to become Critical Race Theory activists in a plan that could last three years.

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