Rep. Dan Crenshaw Heckled Over Red Flag Gun Laws, World Economic Forum Ties

Texas congressman branded "sellout' and "traitor" at Texas GOP Convention for siding with Democrats on numerous issues. Rep. Dan Crenshaw (Texas) was branded as “Eyepatch...

Rep. Dan Crenshaw Paid by These Weapons Manufacturers as He Pushes $Billions in Military Aid to Ukraine

Crenshaw financed by Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and more.

Sex Jokes Feature in Ethics Complaint Over Cawthorn Relationship With Staffer

An anti-Madison Cawthorn political group filed an ethics complaint against the embattled freshman lawmaker on Thursday, alleging he has an inappropriate personal relationship with one of his staffers.

Soros Prosecutor Kim Gardner Admits Wrongdoing Against Senate Candidate Eric Greitens

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner – who is funded by George Soros – admitted wrongdoing on Monday in her handling of the prosecution of former Missouri Governor and now-Senate candidate Eric Greitens.

Trump Keeps Focus on Election Fraud, Teases 2024 Run

Former President Trump told a crowd gathered at a rally in Georgia that he is the true winner of the 2020 election and blamed the state’s Republican Gov. Brian Kemp, who he is working to help defeat in a May 24 primary.

President Trump: ‘50,000 Illegal Phantom Votes Were Cast in the 2020 Presidential Election’ in Wisconsin

Donald J. Trump releases official statement on Wisconsin voter fraud.

Trump Responds to Durham Investigation Finding Clinton Spied on Trump Tower

President Trump releases statement on Durham revelations showing he was being spied on by Hillary Clinton.

Trump: ‘Mitch McConnell Does Not Speak for the Republican Party’

"He did nothing to fight for his constituents and stop the most fraudulent election in American history," President Trump said of the Senate Minority Leader.

George W. Bush Donates to Trump Targets Ahead of GOP Primaries

Former President George W. Bush donated to the primary campaigns of two Republicans being targeted by former President Donald Trump, according to recent filings with the Federal Election Commission.

Trump Warns Republicans That a ‘Corrupt Election’ Could Cause Losses Again if Not Addressed

ormer President Trump sends a warning to the GOP that if they want to win the upcoming elections they have to fix damage done to the election process.

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