Ohio GOP Primary Takes a Turn with Johnson’s Candidate Endorsement

House Speaker Mike Johnson has thrown his support behind Ohio District Nine Congressional Candidate State Rep. Derek Merrin, who is challenging Democratic Rep. Marcy Kaptur. This endorsement comes as no surprise, given Johnson’s recent track record.

However, Johnson’s tenure as House Speaker has been marked by disappointments, including the persistent issue of the Southern border remaining open. Additionally, legislation aimed at reforming FISA Section 702 to curb the FBI’s warrantless spying on innocent Americans was blocked by Johnson. Furthermore, his approval of a $1.590 trillion budget for fiscal year 2024, which prioritizes funding for foreign wars while neglecting America’s border security, drew criticism.

Politico says Johnson’s endorsement of Merrin is part of a broader move in the contentious Republican primary. Merrin replaced Craig Riedel as the preferred candidate after Riedel criticized former President Donald Trump on tape. Another candidate, J.R. Majewski, faced accusations of misrepresenting his military service record and suffered a significant defeat to Kaptur in the 2022 election.

Daily Caller reported that Majewski, endorsed by President Trump in 2020, fell victim to a smear campaign in 2022, leading the National Republican Congressional Committee to cancel nearly $1 million in advertising. RINOs distanced themselves from Majewski based on fake news stories about his service in Afghanistan, contributing to his loss in the general election.

The Gateway Pundit exposed Riedel’s downfall as a candidate when he revealed himself as a never-Trumper, expressing disdain for Trump’s communication style. However, Johnson-endorsed Merrin also faces scrutiny due to his association with former Ohio State Senator Wes Goodman, who was exposed as a closeted gay adulterer. Goodman’s political career, built on the values of “committed natural marriage,” crumbled after revelations of his secret gay life.

Speculation, including among Republican peers, has arisen regarding Merrin’s potential connection to Goodman as a former lover, adding another layer of complexity to the unfolding political dynamics.