MSNBC’s Scarborough Suggests Obama Orchestrating Efforts for Biden to Step Down

Joe Scarborough, presenter of MSNBC, stated on Thursday that the Biden campaign feels that the mounting calls for his former vice president to withdraw...

Ohio’s Tim Ryan Calls for Biden to Resign, Endorses Harris for Democratic Nominee

One of the first prominent Democrats to demand that President Joe Biden resign in the wake of his dismal showing in last week's debate is Tim Ryan, a former congressman from Ohio and Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate.

Obama Encourages Democrats to Vote For Biden Despite Disastrous Debate

Former President Barack Obama urged Democrats to vote for President Joe Biden in the upcoming election, despite his heavily criticized debate performance this week.

Amid Debate Concerns, Major Democratic Donors Push for Biden’s Exit

Following President Joe Biden's problematic performance in the first U.S. presidential debate, significant Democratic Party funders have voiced serious worries about the candidate's campaign....

Biden’s Debate Performance Raises Questions About His Viability

After what many saw as the worst debate performance by a presidential candidate in contemporary politics, Democrats awoke on Friday with one urgent question:...

White House Press Secretary Faces Backlash Over Border Crisis Comments

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre faced intense criticism online after defending President Joe Biden's handling of the border crisis during a briefing on...

Three Top Mike Johnson Staffers Resign

Three top policy staffers for House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) are reportedly set to resign less than six months into his speakership.

Klaus Schwab to Transition to Non-Executive WEF Role

Chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), Klaus Schwab, announced that he will be transitioning to a non-executive role.

Anti-Israel Protesters Arrested After Storming College Administration Building

Police in California arrested a group of students at Pomona College this week after they stormed an administration building and refused to leave the president’s office.

Rep. Mike Gallagher to Resign Early

Representative Mike Gallagher (R-WI) announced that he will be resigning from Congress early.

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