‘They Can’t Stop Us’: Freedom Convoy Rolls into EU’s Capital Despite Government Ban

A Freedom Convoy of anti-mandate motorists is arriving in Brussels, the de facto capital of the European Union, despite authorities banning the demonstration.

Seven Urgent Lessons of Lockdowns

In February 2020, the Trump administration drafted a policy document—stamped “not for public distribution or release” and indeed kept from public view for months—that would guide decision makers at every level of government and every sector of the economy in dealing with a new virus that came to be known by the scientific shorthand “Covid-19.”

Biden ‘Rethinking’ COVID Rules: AP

Biden administration considers "steps we should be taking to keep the country moving forward," says White House COVID-19 coordinator.

New Jersey Gov. Ends School Mask Mandate: Moving ‘From a Pandemic to an Endemic Phase of This Virus’

Pressure from conservatives and declining COVID cases drive gov.'s decision.

Official in D.C. Mayor’s Office: It’s a ‘Necessary Evil’ to Allow ‘Darwinism to Kill off’ the ‘Foolish’ Unvaccinated

Elliot Tommingo, director of the Washington, DC Mayor’s Office of Veterans Affairs, said it is a “necessary evil” to allow ‘Darwinism to kill off” unvaccinated Americans, blaming them for the city’s coercive mandates, deeming them “foolish,” and accusing them of eating horse dewormer and “their own piss.”

Poll: 70% Of Americans Say It’s Time to Accept COVID and Move On

The overwhelming majority of Americans believe it's time to move on from covid, according to a new Monmouth poll.

We’ll Never End the COVID Pandemic if Politicians Keep Making the Same Mistakes

Five hundred and eighty one days ago, I wrote a column that appeared in these pages with a headline on the cover that read “It Needs To End. NOW.”

Biden Drops Travel Restrictions on African Countries

President Joe Biden announced Friday he will lift travel restrictions on eight African countries on December 31, attributing the decision to the fact that restricting international travel will not greatly affect the Wuhan coronavirus Omicron variant’s spread in the United States.

US is one of only SEVEN countries in the Western world making kids wear masks in schools

The U.S. is one of the few countries still recommending masks in schools as most nations let kids attend classes without face coverings.

Study shows large events without masks or social distancing just as safe as shopping, eating out

A widespread study being organized by the U.K. government has so far reportedly found that hosting large gatherings without masks or social distancing is no riskier to the public than opening restaurants or shopping centers.

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