Banned Film Exposes the Real Reason for the COVID Pandemic

Prior to 2020, if you heard the term “lockdown” you might think of something that happens in a prison — not in a free society. This mechanism of control has since become commonplace — not among prisoners but among the free — with repercussions that are only beginning to be understood.

COVID, ‘Woke’ Culture Drive Enrollment Increases at Conservative Religious Colleges

A small group of conservative religious colleges is defying the national trend of declining enrollment in higher education and crediting their missions, as well as their handling of COVID-19, for the bump.

Ukraine Accepts Putin’s Peace Proposal

Ukrainian press secretary says consultations are underway about the place and time of the negotiations.

New York City to Phase Out Vaccine Mandate in Coming Weeks: Mayor

New York City has a plan to phase out COVID-19 vaccine passports and mandates in the coming weeks, said Mayor Eric Adams on Wednesday.

5 Reasons Democrats ‘Feel a Lot Less Certain’ in Biden

Missed vaccination deadline and botched Afghanistan withdrawal ranked top two by FiveThirtyEight.

Police on Horseback Trample ‘Freedom Convoy’ Protesters in Canada

On horseback in downtown Ottawa Friday, Canadian law enforcement was recorded forcing their way through a crowd of protesters as part of the government’s response to ending the 22-day protest against Canada’s Covid-19 restrictions.

Meet the Sex Shop Founder Who Is Grooming Children Through Books in School Libraries

A book in schools that’s come under fire from parents was written by an author with a concerning – and previously unreported – resumé.

Norway Ending Most COVID Restrictions

Norway is lifting the remainder of its COVID-19 restrictions, crediting mass vaccinations for the country’s recovery from the pandemic.

‘They Can’t Stop Us’: Freedom Convoy Rolls into EU’s Capital Despite Government Ban

A Freedom Convoy of anti-mandate motorists is arriving in Brussels, the de facto capital of the European Union, despite authorities banning the demonstration.

Seven Urgent Lessons of Lockdowns

In February 2020, the Trump administration drafted a policy document—stamped “not for public distribution or release” and indeed kept from public view for months—that would guide decision makers at every level of government and every sector of the economy in dealing with a new virus that came to be known by the scientific shorthand “Covid-19.”

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