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Chuck Schumer Says 40% Chance Democrats Keep House Majority, Contradicts Nancy Pelosi

Sen. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) reportedly believes Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) only has a 40 percent chance of winning the House majority come November, contradicting the speaker’s claim that she will actually gain seats.

Republican Senate Campaign Arm Announces Record-Breaking $173 Million Haul

The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) announced on Friday that it had raised $173.4 million to support Republican candidates in the 2022 elections, a higher sum than it has ever raised before at this stage in a midterm cycle.

Joe Biden Instructing Staff to Shift to Campaign Mode

President Joe Biden has advised his White House aides to shift into campaign mode for the midterm elections, according to a report.

Key Senator Says Liberals Using Race, Lawsuits to Facilitate Election Fraud

Former DOJ official calls Biden coordination with liberal groups "a very incestuous circle."

Tim Ryan Tones Down Anti-china Rhetoric in New Ad Following Backlash

ep. Tim Ryan dialed back his calls to “take on China” in a new campaign ad Friday following criticism over an “inflammatory” TV spot he aired weeks earlier. 

Sen. Scott’s ’11 Point Plan to Rescue America’

Rick Scott's 'Plan to Rescue America' includes a promise to name the border wall after President Trump.

Nearly $1 Billion in Stimulus Funds Sent to Prisoners in 2021, ‘Terrorists and Perverts’ Got $1,400 Checks

The federal government doled out nearly a billion dollars in stimulus  payments to prison inmates in 2021 under President Joe Biden's  American Rescue Plan, according to IRS records obtained by the Washington Examiner.

National Republican Senatorial Committee closes out 2021 by raising $28.6 million in final quarter

The GOP Senate campaign arm posted record quarterly numbers heading into the midterm year

RNC Tells Trump It ‘Has Every Right’ to Use His Name, Image in Fundraising Appeals

The Republican National Committee (RNC) is insisting it has the right to use former President Donald Trump’s name and likeness in fundraising appeals, after Trump sent cease-and-desist letters to the committee.

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