RNC to Send Hundreds of Republican Officials to Support Hershel Walker in Georgia Senate Runoff

The Republican National Committee is sending hundreds of GOP officials and staffers to Georgia this week as the Senate runoff between Republican Hershel Walker and Democrat Raphael Warnock begins.

  • The RNC plans to send over 300 staff members to Georgia this week to support Senate Republican candidate Hershel Walker in his runoff campaign with Democrat Raphael Warnock.
  • “Republicans from across the ecosystem are united in our support for Hershel Walker and his runoff election,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said in a statement. “Our staff and volunteer network, along with our paid voter contact and Election Integrity program, will only continue to grow in the coming weeks to deliver a historic win for Georgia Republicans.”
  • Florida Senator Rick Scott, chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, said “resources in a runoff are critical” and warned that “Warnock, Schumer and the Democrat machine is going to kick into full gear and we need to have the resources to fight back.”

“Team Herschel is raising money at a prodigious pace, with $3 million raised on Wednesday and $4 million raised on Thursday,” Scott said LAST WEEK. “The money going directly to Herschel Walker’s campaign is the most important money that will be raised during this runoff.”

  • Walker raised $3.3 million on the first day of his runoff election campaign last Wednesday, and the next day brought in $4.3 million.
  • The Georgia Senate candidate said last week that he is “going to keep fighting” for the next month. “I know they’re going to throw more at me, even the kitchen sink, but I can catch it.”
  • The National Republican Senatorial Committee said that together with Walker’s campaign the two created the 2022 Georgia Victory Committee.
  • “The biggest threat in democracy is with Senator Warnock and Joe Biden with this high inflation. And that’s a threat to democracy right there,” Walker said in a statement. “The biggest threat to democracy is the crime that they’ve let come on the streets. And all this has happened in less than two years that they’ve been in, at the White House. And I think that is sad. I think it’s a shame. That’s one reason I decided to run because it’s time for a change, doesn’t seem that they care about this country.”