Megyn Kelly

Mama bear Megyn Kelly doesn’t mince words in fiery message to Disney: ‘No longer the Disney of yesterday’

A recent video leak that allegedly showed Disney executives advocating for a “gay agenda” for children’s programming has provoked fierce criticism from many quarters, including commentator Megyn Kelly.

The Choice for Christian Conservatives: Christ or Chaos?

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is regarded as an American hero because he called on the country to live up to its lofty ideals. He did so not as a constitutional scholar or elected official, but as a Baptist preacher.

Goldie Hawn Warns COVID-19 Pandemic Has Unleashed Mental Trauma on an Entire Generation of Kids

Goldie Hawn warned that the national trauma inflicted on children by the COVID-19 pandemic is approaching and "could very well surpass" the dread brought on by the 9/11 terror attacks and the Cold War.

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