Donald Trump Mocks Megyn Kelly’s Phony Support at Campaign Stop

Former President Donald Trump reignited his feud with Megyn Kelly during a recent campaign rally in Rome, Georgia.

Addressing a crowd of supporters on Saturday, Trump, 77, remarked that the former Fox News host was “making a career” out of “pretending” to like him. The animosity between the two dates back to a 2015 GOP presidential debate, where moderator Kelly pressed Trump on his treatment of women.

“Megyn Kelly. May she rest in peace,” Trump quipped, drawing laughter from the crowd in Rome. “She’s sort of making a career by pretending she likes me.” Recalling the 2015 debate, Trump referenced Kelly’s opening question about his past remarks about women.

“They asked me that horrible, horrible question, remember?” Trump said. “And I said, ‘Oh, am I dead?’ That’s the first question I ever got.” During the debate, Kelly confronted Trump with his previous controversial comments about women, asking if such behavior was fitting for a presidential candidate.

Trump’s response to Kelly’s question led to a series of attacks against her, branding her a “bimbo.” Despite Kelly expressing in a 2023 Turning Point USA conference that her past differences with Trump were water under the bridge and offering additional praise for him, Trump has remained critical.

Speaking at a campaign rally in Iowa after an interview with her, Trump described Kelly as becoming “nastier all of a sudden” and criticized her for questioning him about missing classified documents. Kelly pressed the ex-president on his lawyers’ claims that all documents had been turned over, only for federal agents to discover highly classified materials at his Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida.