March Madness

Bud Light Sales Dive Continues Amid Transgender Partnership Controversy

"Recent data continues to show that tracked channels reached a point of stabilization at significantly lower levels for Anheuser-Busch InBev than pre-controversy," an analyst at Evercore ISI noted.

Skittles’ New Packaging Celebrating Transgenderism, Black Lives Matter

Skittles introduced a new special edition package celebrating transgenderism and the Black Lives Matter organization.

Bud Light No Longer Ranks Among America’s Top 10 Beers Following Widespread Backlash

Bud Light is no longer on the list of the country's 10 most popular beers after its partnership with transgender activist and influencer Dylan Mulvaney. 

Bud Light CEO Unveils Recovery Plan After Devastating Sales Decline Triggered by Transgender Collaboration

The ill-fated collaboration with transgender-identified activist Dylan Mulvaney in a March Madness campaign has resulted in a substantial decline in Bud Light sales and a considerable drop in the company's stock price.

Target and Bud Light Lose a Combined Total Of $28 Billion Amid Transgender Marketing Campaigns

Target and Bud Light have reportedly lost a combined total in $28 billion worth of revenue amid marketing campaigns geared towards transgender individuals. 

Anheuser-Busch Loses $6 Billion After Partnership with Transgender Social Media Influencer Dylan Mulvaney

The company's shares plunged by almost five percent after the partnership with Mulvaney was disclosed earlier this month.

Bud Light Makes Trans Activist Dylan Mulvaney Its Latest Spokesperson

The campaign honors Mulvaney's first full year of openly being a transgender woman.

Republican Nonprofit Launches Campaign Pushing Congress to Support Lowering Energy Costs

American Action Network (AAN), a nonprofit advocacy group with close ties to House Republican leadership, launched the first stages of a major issue advocacy campaign to urge members of Congress to support lowering energy costs.

March Madness Gamblers Expected To Break $8.5 Billion Record Thanks To Mobile Sports Betting

With online gambling now legal in 25 states, the 2021 NCAA tournament will be a slam dunk for gaming sites—and the friendly office pool may never rebound.

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