Republican Nonprofit Launches Campaign Pushing Congress to Support Lowering Energy Costs

American Action Network (AAN), a nonprofit advocacy group with close ties to House Republican leadership, launched the first stages of a major issue advocacy campaign to urge members of Congress to support lowering energy costs.

The group’s effort includes $1.5 million in broadcast, cable, and digital advertising. It will target 12 different members of Congress, urging them to support H.R. 1, the Lower Energy Costs Act.

The legislation in the House being pushed by Republicans is supposed to help bring down costs of energy by rolling rolling back red tape to increase American energy production and promote competitiveness with China, as Republicans want to push back on President Joe Biden’s anti-energy agenda and take a more rigid stance on China.

“Americans cannot afford to keep footing the bill for the left’s costly war on energy,” said AAN President Dan Conston. “Congress must seize the opportunity now to pass generational legislation that will reduce costs for American families, streamline critical construction projects and bolster our national security.”

AAN’s $1.5 million on broadcast, cable, and digital advertising is set to run during the “March Madness” basketball tournament and on local news stations. The ads will cover 12 members — mostly freshman Democrats — as the group runs additional ads in conservative districts across the country as part of the national campaign to gain support for the legislation.

The districts AAN will hit with digital and television advertising include those of Reps. Yadira Caraveo (D-CO), Matt Cartwright (D-PA), Marie Glusenkamp Perez (D-WA), Dan Kildee (D-MI), Wiley Nickel (D-NC), Emilia Sykes (D-OH), and Gabe Vasquez (D-NM). The districts that will only be hit with digital include those of Reps. Mary Peltola (D-AK), Jared Golden (D-ME), Susan Wild (D-PA), Greg Landsman (D-OH), and Mary Kaptur (D-OH).