Nancy Pelosi Ripped AOC and Ron Klain, Forthcoming Book Reveals

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has repeatedly expressed frustration with both the Biden White House and left-wing members of her conference in recent months

Horowitz: Florida Judge Creates Constitutional Right to Ballot-Harvesting While Virtue-Signaling Over Ukraine

You don’t have a right to breathe without gagging your mouth, but you do have a right to access mail-in ballots from private third parties indiscriminately mailed to your home.

Ukraine-Russia: A Common Sense and Workable Proposal for Real Peace

There is no such thing as a perfect peace.

California School’s CRT-Themed ‘Anti-Racism’ Resource Has Spells To Hex Those Who Say ‘All Lives Matter’ – Former Student

A former student of the Campbell Union High School District, Spencer Lindquist, has been documenting the schools “attempt to indoctrinate me (Spencer) with critical race theory.”

Critical Race Trove From California District Tells Students How To Use Witchcraft On People Who Say ‘All Lives Matter’

Critical race theory has been fully institutionalized at the California high school district that tried to reeducate me six years ago when I first pushed back.

AT&T reportedly offers critical race theory training program: ‘White people, you are the problem’

AT&T — the world's largest telecommunications company — offers an employee training program that teaches premises such as "American racism is a uniquely white trait" and "white people, you are the problem," according to a new report. AT&T has disputed some of the claims in the report, and dismissed it as "misleading."

Bedtime goes woke as books like ‘Antiracist Baby’, ‘Daddy & Dada’ and ‘A is for Activist’ are dominating the shelves with transgender tales and...

Once upon a time it was simple. Children went to sleep on a diet of bedtime stories that grew out of folklore, depended on magic or were just enchantingly simple: Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and Goodnight Moon.

Verizon pushes leftist, anti-American agenda in social justice training for employees: Report

Multinational telecommunications conglomerate Verizon has internal programs that train employees on anti-American sentiments and "anti-racism" agendas, according to a new report.

Woke Democrat Fragility: A Warning From Britain

After every election, pundits see the result as evidence of the terminal decline of the losing party. This is certainly the case in Britain, where the Labour Party suffered catastrophic defeat in the recent local elections and the by-election in Hartlepool, a solidly Labour seat that the Tories won.

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