Cognitive Test

Is a 25th Amendment Removal in Joe Biden’s Future?

The time may be coming when the country will have to have a serious conversation about a very uncomfortable topic: President Biden’s mental health.

‘Significantly High’ Number of Dems Worried About Biden’s Mental Lapses

Joe Biden's mental lapses are part of the White House routine by this point.

More Than 50 Republicans Call for Biden to Take Cognitive Test

Among the Republicans is a former White House physician.

Tucker Carlson’s Bombshell Claim Biden Was Fed Pills Before Every Public Appearance ‘Like a Small Child’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson asserted Friday that the circumstances surrounding President Joe Biden’s dwindling mental capacity are far worse as the man was “like a small child” on the campaign trail until he was given “pills before every public appearance.”

Former WH Doc Calls for Biden Cognitive Test – Pres. ‘Not Fit’

A former White House Doctor is continuing his call for Joe Biden to take a cognitive test.

Almost 40 GOP Lawmakers Ask Biden to Take Cognitive Test Due to ‘Mental Decline’

Almost 40 Republican lawmakers have requested President Joe Biden take a cognitive test to determine the state of his mental awareness.

Biden Disapproval Rating at 57%: McLaughlin National Survey

Well over half of Americans disapprove of Joe Biden's job performance.

Democrats Panic Over 2022 As Surveys Show Their ‘Entire Brand’ A ‘Wreck’

New surveys from Democrat Party strategists reportedly show that the party’s brand is in shambles nationwide as the Biden administration deals with skyrocketing inflation, rising fuel costs, a continued disaster on the U.S. Southern Border, fallout from the disaster in Afghanistan, and numerous other problems.

GOP Reps. Call For Joe Biden To Take A Cognitive Test

Republican lawmakers have expressed concerns over Joe Biden’s mental state. In a interview on Saturday, Alabama Rep. Jerry Carl (R) said he and his colleague, Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Texas), have requested for Biden to take a cognitive test.

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