Trump Challenges Biden To Take Cognitive Test Prior to Debate

Former President Donald Trump challenged Joe Biden to take a drug test before the two debate in a couple of weeks.

“Biden should have a cognitive test,” Trump¬†said during a Las Vegas rally over the weekend.

“And before the debate in two weeks, he should take a drug test, because I’m willing to take one.”

Trump reflected on different behaviors the current President has displayed and referred to Biden as “incompetent.”

“Remember when Joe said, ‘it’s great to be in Idaho,’ and he was in Iowa?” Trump said. “He always does that. If I ever did that, it would be over.”

“He was the dumbest person in the Senate, and he has been from day one,” Trump continued. “How about this on the documents, they go after me for documents, and then they find out that Joe has 10 times the number of documents than me.”

Trump went on to attack mainstream media, saying they all gave Biden a pass whenever he spoke.

“What they do is they give the guy the question and the answer. They never did that with me. He’s reading the answers to questions. He’s calling [on] a reporter from NBC fake News, CBS fake news, CNN, ABC. They’re all pretty much the same,” the former president said.

“MSNBC is probably the worst, probably the most evil. They’re sick. These are sick people, but they’re all sort of the same. They’re all bad and they’re all very dishonest.”