Russia Seeks Military Equipment and Aid From China, U.S. Officials Say

Russia has turned to China for military equipment and aid in the weeks since it began its invasion of Ukraine, U.S. officials familiar with the matter told The Washington Post.

Archbishop Viganò: Globalists Have Fomented War in Ukraine to Establish the Tyranny of the New World Order

The Ukrainian people, regardless of what ethnic group they may belong to, are merely the latest unwitting hostages of the supranational totalitarian regime that brought the national economies of the entire world to their knees through the COVID deception.

Tucker Carlson: The Questions About the Biolabs in Ukraine That Everyone Should Be Asking

There is an important story here, it's why the government is lying about it.

Do Ukrainian Biolabs Violate the Ban on Biological Weapons Programs?

An explanation must be offered for what was really going on in Ukrainian laboratories working with highly dangerous pathogens

Illinois Illegally Denied Elections Group Access to Voter Records, Federal Court Rules

A federal court ruled that Illinois  violated the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) when it refused to provide an election integrity group with access to the state’s voter roll.

DuckDuckGo Manipulates Search Results Related to Russia-Ukraine Conflict to Fight ‘Disinformation’

"At DuckDuckGo, we've been rolling out search updates that down-rank sites associated with Russian disinformation," DuckDuckGo CEO says.

Turkish Drone Manufacturer Reports Booming Business From Ukraine War

Baykar Defense, the Turkish company that manufactures the Bayraktar drones used to deadly effect by Ukraine’s defenders against the invading Russian army, on Tuesday, anticipated booming sales across Asia for its already sizzling-hot weapon system.

Police Tail NY Firefighter Across State Lines, Arrest Him for ‘Ghost Gun’ Purchase

A veteran New York firefighter was arrested last month after allegedly buying “ghost gun” parts in Philadelphia then transporting them to New York.

‘Highest Risk Is Behind Us’: Ontario on Course to Lift Mask Mandate by End of March, Says Moore

Ontario’s chief medical officer of health says the province can anticipate the lifting of mandatory masking requirements by the end of March if the key public health indicators for COVID-19 continue to improve.

The Goals of Secular Re-Education and the Heart of Man

The secular world seeks to dull and desensitize the heart. It fears living hearts, full of grace and love for Christ Jesus. It does not fear the pseudo-jesus of modernity’s spineless ecumenism.

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