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Police Release Body Cam Footage from Nashville Christian School Shooting (Watch)

Bodycam footage has been released by the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department of officers engaging with the mass shooter Audrey Hale, who killed six people including three children at the Covenant School in Nashville before being killed by police officers.

Full Arrest of Journalist Reporting on Ohio Explosion Seen on Bodycam Footage

Bodycam footage revealed the full arrest of journalist Evan Lambert, who reported on an Ohio train derailment that resulted in an explosion releasing toxic chemicals.

Black Truck Driver Seen Pleading With Protesters To Get Off The Streets in Memphis

A black truck driver is shown pleading with a group of demonstrators in a video taken by a Daily Caller field reporter Friday.

Body Cam Footage Shows Paul Pelosi Opened Door for Police, Contradicting DOJ’s Claims

Source familiar with Pelosi investigation "personally viewed body camera video recorded by officers responding to the Pelosi's San Francisco home" and it shows Pelosi "opened the door with his left hand."

Nolte: NBC Reports Paul Pelosi Told Responding Cops ‘Everything’s Good,’ Then Pulls Its Story

The latest news on the Paul Pelosi incident is that when the cops showed up at his house last week, he told them, “everything’s...

San Francisco DA Vows to Limit Public’s Access to Pelosi Attack Evidence ‘As Much as Possible’

The San Francisco prosecutor overseeing the trial of the man accused of attacking Paul Pelosi last week is vowing to sharply limit the public's access to key evidence surrounding the assault.

Police Body Cam Footage Shows Top Texas Dem Officials Ballot Harvested in Tarrant County

Newly discovered body cam footage obtained by The Gateway Pundit shows two top Democrat leaders in Fort Worth, Texas were involved in a ballot harvesting scheme.

Uvalde School Board Votes Unanimously to Fire Police Chief Pete Arredondo

The Uvalde school board voted unanimously on Wednesday night to immediately fire police chief Pete Arredondo over the disastrous response to the shooting at...

Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Officially Charged With DUI, Faces Jail Time and Lengthy Probation

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband has been slapped with misdemeanor charges in connection with a May road collision where drinking might have played a role.

Police Rescue Pilot Who Crash-Landed Moments Before Train Destroys Plane (Video)

Small airplane crash-landed on railroad tracks in Los Angeles.

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