California’s New Law Mandates ‘Gender-Neutral’ Restrooms in Public Schools

Mandates the presence of at least one gender-neutral bathroom in all public schools in the state, catering to students from the first to the 12th grade, by the year 2026.

High School Students Stage Walkout in Protest of Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

Students at Perkiomen High School in Pennsylvania staged a walkout to protest the school board's decision to allow gender-neutral bathrooms.

Virginia Governor Pardons Father Who Protested School Board That Covered Up Daughter’s Sexual Assault

Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R-VA) pardoned a father over the weekend for being wrongfully convicted for defending his daughter's sexual assault by a "gender-fluid" boy at school.

U.S. District Court Judge Blocks Implementation of Law Preventing Transgender Students From Using Restrooms

A U.S. District Court judge blocked implementation of a new Idaho law that would prevent transgender students from using restrooms that do not match their biological sex at birth in public schools.

Judge Rules Transgender Students Can Use Girls’ Bathrooms in Wisconsin School District

The Mukwonago Area School District must allow transgender students to use the girls' bathroom, according to Judge Lynn Adelman.

New Texas School Board Policy Requires Use of Bathroom, Lockerroom Aligning with ‘Gender Assigned at Birth’

The Keller school board in Texas passed a new policy on Wednesday that could potentially limit bathroom access for transgender students. The regulation also...

Teenager Arrested After Sexually Assaulting Girls in School ‘Gender-Neutral’ Bathrooms

The school reportedly does not have a written policy for gender-specific versus gender-neutral bathroom usage.

Federal Wildlife Refuges Told to Create ‘All-Gender’ Bathrooms

Federal wildlife refuges have been ordered to create "all-gender" bathrooms for employees at facilities that do not have single stalls.

Fox News Allows Trans Ideology Off Camera: Report

The trans policies come from the company's 2021 handbook.

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