D.C. Woman Under Fire for Lavish Spending of Taxpayer Funds

Canethia Miller, a Washington, D.C. resident and mother of three, came under scrutiny after reportedly using a significant portion of the $10,800 in taxpayer...

Google to ‘Improve’ AI After Image Generator Removes White People

Jack Krawczyk, Gemini Experiences Senior Director of Product Management, told Fox News that Google is "working to improve" the artificial intelligence (AI) image generator after white people were removed from the AI's responses.

New York Welfare Office Quietly Alters Standards for Safety Net Assistance To Illegal Immigrants

A memo circulated within New York's welfare offices from the Hochul administration on May 12, 2023, discreetly updated the criteria for qualifying for Safety...

McConnell Faces GOP Backlash as Immigration Deal Crumbles

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) announced the lack of Republican support for a recent immigration and foreign aid bill, signaling a shift in...

Harvard to Host Palestinian Professor Who Blamed Israel For Hamas Terrorist Attack

The Harvard Kennedy School is expected to host a Palestinian professor who said the Hamas’ attack was a “normal struggle for freedom,” and said she would never forgive Israel’s government for “making us take their children and elderly as hostages.”

U.K. Considers ‘Recognizing a Palestinian State’

Foreign Secretary Lord David Cameron told the Conservative Middle East Council that the U.K. is considering recognizing Palestine as a state.

Rip Curl Ends Partnership With Bethany Hamilton Over Her Views on Transgender Athletes

Rip Curl has ended their partnership with professional surfer Bethany Hamilton after the company featured a biological male model to promote its women's line.

NBC Faces Backlash for Cutting CJ Stroud’s Praises to Jesus

NBC faces criticism for omitting C.J. Stroud's expression of gratitude to Jesus Christ in their coverage. After leading the Houston Texans to a decisive...

First Democratic Lawmaker Calls For Defense Secretary Austin’s Resignation

Representative Chris Deluzio has become the first congressional Democrat to call for the resignation of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin following his secret hospitalization stay.

Rapper Lil Nas X Releases Image of Himself on a Cross

Lil Nas X, who claimed he was releasing a "Christian" album, shared a cover image for his new single, "J Christ."

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