Ana Navarro

‘The View’ Co-Host Forced To Correct False Allegation About January 6 Live On Air

"The View" co-host Ana Navarro was forced to issue a correction about a false claim she made about January 6, 2021 live on air Monday.

Hollywood Director James Cameron Calls Testosterone a ‘Toxin’

Cameron says that testosterone is toxic and must be purged from men's systems.

Sunny Hostin claims that Latinos who support the GOP are voting ‘against their own self-interest’

Sunny Hostin claimed on Friday's episode of "The View" that Latinos who support the GOP are actually voting in a way that runs contrary to "their...

DeSantis Office’s Scathing Reply to Invitation to Join ‘The View’

DeSantis's office responded citing aggressive comments made by "The View."

Buttigieg Tells ‘the View’ Co-host He Agrees Parents’ Rights Law in Florida Will ‘Kill Kids’

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg said he agrees with his spouse, who claimed the recently-signed parents’ rights bill in Florida would “kill kids.”

‘The View’ Hosts Say People Mocking Kamala Harris’ Awkward Laugh Are Racist and Misogynist

o-hosts of "The View" excoriated critics who were mocking Vice President Kamala Harris' awkward laugh are motivated by racism and misogyny.

Florida Bill Bans CRT in Schools & Workplaces

The Florida general assembly will see a bill that has now passed through committee about banning Critical Race Theory.

Two Fully Vaccinated Hosts from “The View” Asked to Leave Studio After Testing Positive for Covid Shortly Before Kamala Harris Interview (VIDEO)

Kamala Harris on Friday was set to make an appearance on “The View” to discuss abortion and immigration.

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