Hollywood Director James Cameron Calls Testosterone a ‘Toxin’

Cameron says that testosterone is toxic and must be purged from men’s systems.

  • James Cameron, writer, and director of popular movies such as Terminator, Terminator 2, True Lies, Aliens, and Titanic, stated that his earlier films were poisoned by the “toxin” that is testosterone.
  • The director made the comments while promoting his environmentalist Avatar sequel, which is due to be released in December. 
  • The first installment of Avatar, released in 2009, was the highest-grossing film ever and focuses on environmental sustainability.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, he said, “A lot of things I did earlier, I wouldn’t do — career-wise and just risks that you take as a wild, testosterone-poisoned young man. I always think of (testosterone) as a toxin that you have to slowly work out of your system.”

  • Also earlier this week, on an episode of The View, Alyssa Farrah Griffin and Ana Navarro had a heated exchange over toxic the idea of “toxic femininity.” Whoopi Goldberg stated that the term “toxic masculinity” has become popularized in today’s society.
  • Popular rock band Metallica claimed that toxic masculinity has been the very fuel to the group’s success. One of the band’s guitarists, Kirk Hammett, said the alpha-male rivalry between singer-guitarist James Hetfield and drummer Lars Ulrich helped the band’s image. “Toxic masculinity has fueled this band,” Hammett said. “I’m still sitting around saying, ‘OK, I’m gonna write a really, really tough, kick-[expletive] riff.’ Just look at my rhetoric there: tough, kick-[expletive] riff. It’s an aggression that everyone feels, but it was ratcheted up in us, this weird masculine macho [expletive] thing.”