Mexico’s President Thanks Biden for Not Building ‘Even One Meter’ of Border Wall

Mexican President Lopez Obrador praises President Biden for not building a border wall, asks for Congress to regularize migration status of millions of Mexicans living in the US.

Few Schools Returning to Mask Mandates as COVID Cases Increase

At least five school districts, most in the northeast of the country, have reinstated mask requirements for students amid an uptick in COVID-19 infections, and two requested that students be tested for the virus before returning to school from winter break.

Market Value of NATO Weapons Makers Rise

The largest NATO defense corporations have risen 21.5% in market value due to military involvement in Ukraine.

The COVID Jabbed Are Dying While Fueling Variants

Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, John Campbell, Ph.D., a retired nurse educator, has gained a following for his even-handed evaluations of COVID science and statistics.

U.S. Intel Analyst Who Spied for Castro Released From Prison After 20 Years

A former U.S. intelligence analyst walked out of prison last week in Fort Worth, Texas, after having served 20 years of a 25-year sentence for spying for Cuba.

88% of Incoming Congress Identify as Christian

118th Congress overwhelmingly Christian at 88%, compared to 63% of general US population; Protestants at 57%, Catholics at 28%; 99% of incoming Republican Congress members Christian compared to 76% of Democrats; minority faiths including Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists equally represented in Congress as general population at 1% or less.

The Power of Fasting to Produce Miracles

“Believing is powerful, and prayer is powerful, but sometimes we must pray, fast, and expect our miracle,” says Tammy.

73% of Republicans Want New RNC Leadership

Since Ronna McDaniel became the leader of the Republican National Committee, the party has suffered a series of significant losses, including losing the House majority in 2018 and the Senate, House, and White House in 2020.

Transgender Pioneer Rejects Today’s Gender Ideology

One of the first transgender woman who transitioned back to male says he rejects today's culture of gender ideology.

Babies Around the World Left to Die After Failed Abortions

In New Zealand, Canada, Poland, Ireland, Australia, U.S.

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