Support Grows for Florida Man Charged in LGBTQ Intersection Incident, Tim Pool Contributes $10,000

Tim Pool announced on Monday that he had contributed $10,000 to the legal defense fund for a 19-year-old Florida man facing felony charges for...

U.S. Army Promoted Over 10k Soldiers Without Required Military Training

The U.S. Army has promoted over 10,000 noncommissioned officers (NCO) over the last few years who have not completed the required military education and training academies.

Facebook Allows Cartels to Advertise Smuggling Operations

Former acting director of the United States National Intelligence Richard Grenell revealed that Facebook allows cartels to advertise human smuggling operations.

Judge Fines Trump $10K for Violating Gag Order

Donald Trump has been fined $10,000 for violating his gag order a second time.

Mexican President Says 10K Immigrants to Arrive Daily at Southern Border

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador warned that 10,000 immigrants are soon to reach the southern border each day.

Job Search Platform ‘Indeed’ Offers Transgender Employees $10K Relocation Payment

Online job search platform Indeed has offered transgender employees or those with transgender children a $10,000 check to relocate.

10K Illegal Immigrants Enter New York City Each Month

An estimated 10,000 illegal immigrants enter New York City each month.

10K Migrants Apprehended in One Week on Arizona Border

Tucson Sector agents arrested 10,000 migrants during the past week as the border continues to be overwhelmed under the Biden administration.

Democrat-Run Austin, Texas Homeless Map Shows 10K People Living in Encampments

Local filmmaker Jaime Hammonds documented the homeless crisis in Austin, Texas and created a map of the approximately 168 camps around the city that reveal up to 10,000 living on the streets.

Corporate America Has Donated Over $80 Million to BLM and Related Causes

New data show Corporate America has donated $82 billion so far to Black Lives Matter and similar causes.

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