Facebook Allows Cartels to Advertise Smuggling Operations

Former acting director of the United States National Intelligence Richard Grenell revealed that Facebook allows cartels to advertise human smuggling operations.

“I’ve learned in Guatemala that coyotes are openly advertising on @facebook – 3 tries to get to the United States for $10k,” he said on X. “Biden and Zuckerberg don’t care.”

In another post, Grenell wrote that he learned that the Biden administration has used the State Department to “intimidate Guatemalans from criticizing Left wing policies.”

“The Embassy has summoned business and political leaders to their offices to ask them to stop supporting the Attorney General, her work and conservative policies. They even demanded that people not support her re-election a few years ago,” he wrote. “They are demanding people support Left wing policies or else.”

Grenell added, “What the Biden team is doing to conservatives in America is exactly what they are doing overseas – thru the State Department’s INL and WHA leadership.”

American Faith reported that cartels are using TikTok to post “help wanted” ads for human smuggling.

One ad on the social media platform said, “I need drivers based in Texas. Only serious enquires. Good pay: $10-20K USD in 3 hours. Houston, TX, Dallas, TX, San Marcos, TX, San Marcos, San Antonio, Austin, TX, Waco, TX, Temple, TX. Follow me and DM me if interested and if you have car or truck. We will pay more if you have a trailer.”

“99.9% of smugglers they encounter and arrest are American citizens,” said Sheriff Brad Coe of Kinney County.

“We’re seeing all walks of life. We’ve had those that are hurting for money, they’re in a bind financially and are looking to make an easy buck,” he continued. “We’ve picked up a couple attorneys that have been smuggling.”