10K Illegal Immigrants Enter New York City Each Month

An estimated 10,000 illegal immigrants enter New York City each month.

The estimation comes as the Biden administration says migration has decreased 70% since the ending of Title 42.

In the first six months of 2023, over 66,000 illegal immigrants said they were heading to New York City.

The number is about 10% of the 671,721 illegal immigrants entering the country since the beginning of 2023.

To accommodate the migrants, the city may be spending upwards of $12 billion by 2025.

“The migrants who arrived before now were allowed to stay in five-star hotels,” one migrant said.

“I think migrants are turning New York into chaos,” the migrant added.

“The migrants haven’t learned to adapt to live in the US. New York gave us [migrants] a place to stay. They’re not the bad guys. Some of these migrants want to live here, how they did in Venezuela, but we’re not there anymore.”

Reporting from The Post Millennial:

Around 90,000 total migrants have been sent to the city since spring of 2022, but many have not moved on. Adam's office said that around 57,000 illegal immigrants remain in 194 shelters set up across the city as of this week.


Under the immense pressure of the continuing migration, New York even attempted to distribute flyers at the border to "consider another city" as recently as July only to have the National Guard refuse to hand them out.