Texas Legislator Introduces Bill Allowing Death Penalty for Women Who Have Abortions

A lawmaker in Texas on Tuesday introduced a bill that would enable prosecutors to seek the death penalty for women who get abortions.

Rand Paul Urges Vaccinated People to Ignore ‘Government Scolds’ and ‘Live Free’

Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky on Tuesday urged fully vaccinated people to ignore new public health directives and to “live free” from virus mitigation measures.

Biden Champions Transgender Movement, While Trump Had Reservations

President Joe Biden differs sharply from his predecessor when it comes to how the federal government should treat Americans who identify as transgender.

Top Chinese General: China Must Prepare For World War Against U.S.

“[We] must make breakthroughs in combat methods and ability, and lay a sound foundation for military modernization,” he says.

After ‘Defunding The Police,’ NYC First Lady Pleads For Citizens To Intervene In Violent Crimes As Assaults Spike

The wife of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio wants citizens to personally “physically intervene” to stop violent crimes, nine months after she convinced her husband to get aboard the “defund the police” movement by redirecting money from police to “youth initiatives and social services.”

Increased Child Tax Credit Paves Way for Universal Basic Income, Experts Say

(The Epoch Times) The Biden administration is planning to drastically expand the nation’s welfare statethrough increased child allowance grants quietly added into the latest...

Report: DHS chief seeks volunteers to manage ‘overwhelming’ migrant surge at border

The Biden administration insists there is no crisis

PolitiFact: 90% of Biden Stimulus Spending Not Directly Related to COVID-19

The details of Biden’s bloated spending package are so damning that even liberal-leaning fact-checkers have no choice but to agree with conservative criticisms.

Free Speech Advocates Laud Supreme Court in Requiring Official Accountability for Violating Individual Rights

The 8-1 Supreme Court decision on March 8 requiring accountability for public officials violating individuals’ constitutional rights has huge significance beyond the college campus where the case originated, according to one of the plaintiff’s attorneys.

Who Is Running the Show? WaPo Admits Kamala Harris Is Playing an ‘Unusually Large’ Role

Vice President Kamala Harris has been playing a major role in shaping the White House’s foreign policy, and the media is taking note.

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