Backlash Erupts Over Biden’s Remarks on Soaring Grocery Costs

President Joe Biden’s remarks on surging grocery costs have drawn sharp criticism, with some claiming he’s out of touch with Americans’ struggles.

During an interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett, Biden acknowledged the pain caused by rising grocery prices, which have reportedly surged by 30 percent since the pandemic’s onset. However, he suggested that people still have the money to spend, characterizing their frustration as understandable but not necessarily linked to financial inability.

“There’s real pain,” Burnett noted, emphasizing that food costs have hit a 30-year high.

“It really is, and it is real, but the fact is that if you take a look at what people have, they have the money to spend. It angers them and it angers me that you have to spend more,” Biden responded.

Online, social media users rebuked Biden’s remarks, with one commenter accusing him of being disconnected, stating, “He never acknowledges the real problem — Bidenomics.”

Biden’s assertion that people have money to spend on groceries sparked further backlash, with critics arguing that he fails to grasp the financial strain many face due to inflation.

“He’s never succeeded in creating jobs. And I’ve never failed,” Biden said, drawing comparisons to his predecessor, Donald Trump.

Biden’s economic policies and handling of inflation have been the subject of public scrutiny, reflected in CNN polling showing starkly negative approval ratings on these issues.

In response to Biden’s comments, former President Trump fired back on his Truth Social platform, criticizing Biden’s presidency and challenging him to a debate “ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, ANYPLACE!”