Elementary School Ends Christian Club After Atheists Complain

The only elementary school in Hamilton County, Florida, ended its Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) club after atheists complained it was "unconstitutional."

Billy Graham Statue to be Erected at U.S. Capitol

A 7-foot tall statue is set to be erected at the U.S. Capitol in honor of Rev. Billy Graham.

Archaeological Study Affirms Biblical Narrative of Jerusalem

A new study affirmed the Biblical narrative of Jerusalem - that King Uzziah built a section of wall in the middle of the city.

American Discontentment Linked to Lack of Biblical Worldview

Researcher George Barna said in a report that dissatisfaction with American society is linked to the lack of a biblical worldview.

Christian Leaders Celebrate National Day of Prayer

Christian leaders across the United States took to social media to celebrate National Day of Prayer.

United Methodists Lift Ban on LGBT Clergy

United Methodists lifted its ban against LGBT clergy members during its General Conference.

Faith-Based Film Reaches No. 2 at Box Office

Faith-based film "Unsung Hero," which tells the true story of the Smallbone family, reached the No. 2 spot at the box office during its opening weekend.

Actor Russell Brand Announces Baptism After Months of Wrestling With Christianity

Actor and comedian Russell Brand announced this week that he is going to be baptized this weekend, after months of wrestling with the Christian faith.

Sean Feucht Leads Israel March at Columbia University

On April 25, worship leader and political activist Sean Feucht led a "United for Israel March" at Columbia University.

Biden Makes Sign of the Cross While Promoting Abortion

President Joe Biden has been condemned after he made the Catholic sign of the Cross during a pro-abortion event.

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