Venezuelan Christians forced to eat pages of the Bible, have ‘crosses’ etched into their bodies

At least four Christian men recently suffered serious injuries after they were stabbed, forced to eat pages of the Bible, and had “crosses” etched...

Conservative UMC faction announces creation of ‘Global Methodist Church’

A group of theologically conservative United Methodists has announced the creation of a new denomination once the United Methodist Church officially separates due to its long-standing debate over homosexuality.

Max Lucado, cancel culture, and the rise of the Christian Left

While it may be appropriate to label Max Lucado “Christian-lite”, I don’t believe it’s fair to call him a Christian Leftist (at least not yet).

11 myths about the ‘Equality Act’

"[T]he Equality Act makes discrimination the law of the land."

WATCH: Jerry Nadler to GOP Rep. Reading Bible: God’s Will Is “No Concern of This Congress”

On Thursday Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL) spoke on the House Floor about God’s will and a nation in rebellion against God.

The dangerous cult of neo-segregation

"The racial messaging is loud and clear: if you’re not the right hue, there’s obviously something wrong with you."

Babies Were Aborted Alive, Placed in Fridge To Harvest Cell Lines Used in Some Vaccines: Researcher

'These babies were literally placed into the fridge alive and then stored between one and 24 hours until they could be dismembered.'

MacArthur Postpones Popular Shepherds’ Conference Because of State Government Threats

John MacArthur and Grace Community Church‘s annual men’s Shepherds’ Conference that draws upwards of 3000 attendees announced last Friday that they are postponing the conference citing continuing California government threats.

Film Depicting CS Lewis’ Journey From Atheism to Christianity to Release This Year

The Christian Post reports: A new film depicting The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe author C.S. Lewis’ incredible journey from atheism to Christianity is set to...

South Carolina House passes bill banning most abortions

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — The South Carolina House on Wednesday overwhelmingly passed a bill banning nearly all abortions, following the lead of other states...

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