Where Christians Are Most Persecuted

Christian persecution has been on the rise worldwide in recent years. In fact, despite the religious freedoms and protections guaranteed under the First Amendment, the practice has even taken a foothold here in the United States.

Christian reporter joins Playboy correspondent in protest of Biden’s press policies

A diverse group of journalists — from a Christian reporter to a writer for a pornographic magazine — have expressed concerns over the Biden...

Black pastors slam Equality Act as ‘a danger’ to religious institutions, back ‘Fairness for All’

A group of black pastors and prominent Christian figures, including megachurch pastor A.R. Bernard and former NFL tight end Benjamin Watson, have signed onto a letter sent to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee in opposition to the Equality Act.

Pastor Greg Laurie Now to Reach Over 60 Million Viewers Per Year with the Gospel

Pastor Greg Laurie of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, Calif., has announced that his messages will now air on several major television networks, including...

Pastor Rick Joyner Urges American Christians to Prepare for Civil War (video)

MorningStar Ministries founder and pastor, Rick Joyner, pleaded with the "true disciples of Christ" in America to rise up and prepare for war with the "evil" forces which he baselessly claimed "stole" the November election from former President Donald Trump.

Satanist TikTokker thanks progressive Christians

"Progressive Christians are what the world needs right now" –Satanist

Jordan Peterson’s powerful testimony to the historical story of Christ: ‘I probably believe that’ (video)

“The problem is I probably believe that but I’m amazed at my own belief, and I don’t understand it"

Advocates for sexual abuse survivors blast Grammys’ promotion of prostitution, porn culture

A major television watchdog group and an anti-porn organization that advocates for sexual abuse survivors are pushing back against the Grammys for featuring sexually explicit content during prime-time viewing hours and normalizing prostitution and porn culture.

The Equality Act and the Rise of the Anti-Theological State

The passage of the Equality Act would mean the death of religious liberty. It would force all religious institutions and citizens to prove to the government’s satisfaction that their convictions merit constitutional protection.

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