Trump to Newsmax: Kids Shouldn’t Get Vaccines

Children shouldn't be getting coronavirus vaccination shots, as their immune systems are "very strong," and they don't suffer the serious effects of COVID-19 that adults suffer, and adults should not be forced into getting the shots, former President Donald Trump said Friday on Newsmax.

Rudy Giuliani to Newsmax: ‘They Want This Mouth Shut’

Striking back at a New York appeals court decision Thursday to suspend Rudy Giuliani from practicing law in New York, former President Donald Trump's personal attorney on Newsmax rejected the "horribly dishonest opinion," "a Democrat decision."

Biden Claims No New Taxes As Infrastructure Deal Reached

According to Joe Biden, a bipartisan infrastructure deal has been crafted. Biden officially made the announcement on Thursday following weeks of discussions by lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.

Trump Announces 2nd Rally Since Departing White House

Former President Donald Trump announced on Thursday that he will be holding a “Save America” rally in Sarasota, Florida, over the July 4th weekend.

Emails Show Biden Campaign Pressured Facebook to Censor Trump Before the Election

CNN spins it as a failure on behalf of Facebook, while lobbying for more censorship.

73-Year-Old Pastor and Purple Heart Veteran Arrested For Being at Capitol, His Son Also Arrested in Front of 3-Year-Old Daughter

A 73-year-old Purple Heart Vietnam veteran and pastor James Cusick has been arrested at his home in Florida for being at the Capitol on January 6, though he was not involved in any violence or vandalism.

Gen. Michael Flynn: “Something Is Going to Happen. They Must Create Noise Before the Arizona Audit. They’re Going to Have to Do Something” (VIDEO)

General Michael Flynn and Patrick Byrne joined Steel Truth podcast with Patrick Byrne earlier this week. During the discussion, the host, Ann Vandersteel, suggested that there may be a false flag event coming soon to take the attention away from the soon-to-be-released results from the Arizona Audit.

John McAfee’s Lawyer Claims No Indication of Suicide

Supporters suspect foul play.

GOP Reps. Introduce Resolution To Censure Biden Over Border Crisis

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) is leading a coalition of House Republicans to censure Joe Biden for his dereliction of duty in regard to the border crisis. During a press conference Wednesday, the Colorado lawmaker criticized Biden for allowing criminals and drugs to flow through the southern border.

Biden DOJ Backs Trump-Era Approval of Line 3 Pipeline Opposed by Environmental Groups

The Biden administration has backed the validity of a Trump-era environmental assessments and subsequent approval of a controversial Minnesota pipeline project that environmental groups have sued to block.

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