YouTube Censored Videos Uncovering China’s Persecution Of Uighur Muslims In Xinjiang Province

YouTube took down multiple videos from a human rights organization’s channel working to expose China’s human rights abuses according to an exclusive report from Reuters. The video publishing platform claimed the videos violating their guidelines against “cyberbullying and harassment.”

Biden’s airstrikes seen as message to Iran while administration tries to revive nuke deal

The airstrikes targeted facilities used by Iran-backed militia groups.

Arizona Legislature Votes To Revoke Democrat Secretary of State’s Authority In Election-Related Lawsuits

The Arizona Legislature voted to strip the partisan official of her authority over election-related lawsuits.

Now Democrats want to RE-fund the police

Party accused of rewriting defund movement with help of media.

Trump: Bill Barr’s ‘Weakness’ Helped Coverup of ‘Rigged Election’

"Instead of doing his job, he [Barr] did the opposite and told people within the Justice Department not to investigate the election," Trump says.

Brandeis University Bans The Phrase “Trigger Warning” Because It Might Be… Triggering

Also bans ‘picnic’, ‘rule of thumb’ and ‘take a shot at it’ because they are ‘racist’ or ‘violent’… or something

Make-A-Wish Foundation Backs Down And Decides NOT To Mandate Vaccines For Wish Kids

The Make-a-Wish Foundation has backed down and scrapped its plan to mandate Coronavirus vaccines for all sick and terminally ill children who are seeking wishes. The Foundation’s president and CEO Richard Davis announced a vaccine requirement for wish kids, but public outrage quickly derailed the plan. The Foundation provides special gifts for very sick and dying kids, like trips to theme parks and meetings with celebrities.

Senator Karen Fann Tells Reporters She Will NOT Be Releasing Audit Counts on Monday

On Friday The Gateway Pundit’s Jordan Conradson reported that the final Maricopa County ballots were inspected inside the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix, Arizona.

Ilhan Omar, other progressives question Biden’s ‘legal rationale’ for Syria airstrikes

Several Republicans also criticized the military action

Facebook is accused of helping to ‘brainwash’ children as young as five with maths lessons that teach pupils to use ‘correct’ pronouns for ‘non-binary’...

Facebook has been accused of helping to 'brainwash' children as young as five with maths lessons that teach pupils to use the 'correct' pronouns for 'non-binary' people.

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