73% of Trump Voters Believe Dems Trying to ‘Replace White Americans With Immigrants and People of Color’

Three out of four Trump voters believe "Democrats are trying to replace white Americans with immigrants and people of color who share Democrats' views," according to a new YouGov poll.

Liberals Push Biden to Go Further on Student Loan Forgiveness

When President Joe Biden arrived in his home state of Delaware on Friday, he was greeted by new calls to enact a student loan debt forgiveness plan that goes far beyond his campaign pledge.

Majority of Trump Voters Think Americans Are Being Deliberately Replaced With Immigrants

A Yahoo News/YouGov poll has found that 61 per cent of Trump voters think Americans are being deliberately replaced with immigrants as part of...

More Americans Want Less Migration

A growing share of Americans wants immigration levels to be reduced, according to a new poll from Politico and Harvard University’s medical school.

U.S. Wages Crash by Almost 3%

Americans’ wages have dropped by almost 3 percent under President Joe Biden’s high migration, big-spending policies, according to data presented by one of President Barack Obama’s top economists.

Biden Approval Rating Hits Record Low as Voters Sour on Response to Global, Domestic Crises

Biden’s approval rating is at one of the lowest points of his White House tenure.

French Election: Macron Will Face Off With Right-Wing Le Pen in Runoff

French President Emmanuel Macron will face off with Marine Le Pen in a runoff.

Poll Finds Support for Ukraine Massively Declines if War With Russia Could Result

Support for military aid for Ukraine was substantial unless coupled with the possibility of war with Russia and economic hardship.

5 Reasons Democrats ‘Feel a Lot Less Certain’ in Biden

Missed vaccination deadline and botched Afghanistan withdrawal ranked top two by FiveThirtyEight.

Biden’s Approval Rating Plummets to Less Than 40% For First Time Since Taking Office

The last time US President Joe Biden enjoyed more than 50 percent of public support was at the beginning of his White House tenure. Since then, his numbers have plunged due to discontent over the withdrawal from Afghanistan, the border crisis, skyrocketing inflation and many other misfortunes.

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