U.K. Politician Suggests People ‘Work More’ To Afford Food Under Rising Inflation

Britain’s environment secretary suggested people struggling to pay for food during a historic cost-of-living crisis consider working more hours.

Majority of Republicans Value Politicians’ Loyalty to Trump

65% of Republicans believe it is important for the GOP to demonstrate loyalty to Trump, 80% prefer candidates with similar policies, and two-thirds want them to share Trump's views on the 2020 election, while a majority of Republicans also prioritize investigating President Biden.

Catcalling to Become Illegal in Britain, Up to Two Year Prison Sentence

Catcalling or wolf-whistling is set to become a criminal offence in England with sentences of up to two years in prison

Almost 8 Out Of 10 Americans Say Things Are ‘Out Of Control’

A new CBS News Battleground Tracker/YouGov poll has found that a whopping 79 percent of Americans believe the country is “out of control” ahead of the mid term elections.

Joe Biden: Mass Immigration, Changing Demographics Making America ‘So Much Better’

President Joe Biden celebrated mass immigration to the United States at the White House on Friday, saying the constant flow of millions of illegal...

Hispanic Evangelicals Much Less Likely to Vote For Candidates Who Support Late-Term Abortions: Poll

Hispanic Evangelicals are much less likely to vote for a candidate who supports late-term abortion, according to a new poll released ahead of the...

68% Of Americans Felt Safer 2 Years Ago With Trump in Office

Most Americans felt safer two years ago when former President Donald Trump was in office, a Convention of States Action/Trafalgar Group survey released Thursday found.

Half of Americans Think U.S. Will No Longer Be a Global Superpower Within Ten Years

A new YouGov/Economist poll asking Americans about the likelihood of various "dire political scenarios" found that half the country think that within ten years the US will no longer be a global superpower and there will be a "total economic collapse."

Three in Ten Americans Did Not Get COVID Vax

Three in ten Americans did not receive any vaccine for the Chinese coronavirus, despite the government’s coercive efforts and attempts at enforcing mandates and restrictions, a poll from The Economist/YouGov found.

Over 40% of Americans Believe Civil War Is Coming

Forty-three percent believe it will take place within the next decade.

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