Department of Defense DEI Director Made Racist Comments on Twitter

When questioned about her comments about white people she made her Twitter private.

Wired Promotes White Genocide, Fantasizes About ‘a Future Without White People’

Wired Magazine promoted White genocide in a recent article that fantasized about “a future without White people” while profiling a book titled “The Last White Man,” a fictional novel authored by a Pakistani author who enjoys British citizenship and was educated in the United States.

HHS Grants NYU $40,000 to Study What It Calls Youngsters’ Preference for ‘Whiteness and Maleness’

Tens of thousands of federal tax dollars are flowing to New York University to uncover why kids allegedly “favor Whiteness and maleness over other identities,” official data show.

West Point Cadets Taught Critical Race Theory, Including Addressing ‘Whiteness,’ Docs Show

New documents exclusively obtained by Fox News Digital reveal that the U.S. Army is teaching West Point cadets critical race theory (CRT), including addressing "whiteness."

A Chicago Area Church Is Fasting From ‘Whiteness’ During Lent

A church in suburban Chicago announced that it is fasting from “whiteness” during lent. In order to do so, the church will be abstaining from hymns composed or written by white musicians, among other things.

Illinois Church Touts ‘Fasting From Whiteness’ as Lent 2022 Observance

A United Church of Christ congregation in suburban Chicago says it is “Fasting From Whiteness” during Lent, the 40-day period preceding Easter.

Judge Jackson Sits on K-12 School Board Aggressively Pushing Marxism Through CRT

The Georgetown Day School is a private institution and boasts that they will "engage in the work of social justice within all aspects of school life."

Mississippi Governor Signs Bill to Ban Critical Race Theory in Schools

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves on March 14 signed into law Senate Bill 2113, which prohibits critical race theory (CRT) ideologies in publicly funded schools.

Kaepernick Still Wants to Play in NFL After Comparing to Slavery

Former quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who left the NFL in 2016, announced he was looking for a possible comeback, despite comparing the league to a slave auction.

UC Berkeley Professor Under Fire for ‘Abolish White People’ Comments

UC Berkeley scholar’s old lecture resurfaces and prompts criticism, debate

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