MSNBC’s Reid Draws Controversial Parallels, Targets Congressman Chip Roy

MSNBC’s Joy Reid draws parallels between calls to secure the southern border and Southern segregation in the ’60s, targeting U.S. Congressman Chip Roy (R-TX). Reid compares Roy’s stance to the old Southerners resisting integration, framing it as a form of “massive resistance.”

During the segment, Reid questions the impact of Roy’s language on the Latino community, and guest Paola Ramos accuses the Republican party of urging local authorities to break the law, highlighting perceived hypocrisy on issues of law and order.

The segment, criticized for disinformation, begins with the absurd notion of “buoys with buzz saws” along the Rio Grande. Reid later showcases her knowledge by linking immigration concerns in New Hampshire to its proximity to Canada, overlooking the state’s connection to Massachusetts and its unique challenges.

Guest Paola Ramos decries Hispanics’ desire to assimilate as “adjacency to whiteness,” perpetuating old tropes with Reid’s facilitation. The segment concludes with a smear on Rep. Roy, with Ramos equating border preservation to the defense of “democracy.”