Mandatory IRS Training Includes ‘Cross-Cultural Competence’

IRS employees were subjected to a mandatory continuing education program involving diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training, according to materials obtained by Judicial Watch.

An anonymous individual shared with Judicial Watch that “they want us to consider people’s race.”

“Criminals don’t discriminate. White collar criminals are mostly what [IRS Criminal Investigation] goes after,” the individual explained.

One slide, titled, “Cultural Inclusion Is About Justice,” says that “justice” is for one whose “cultural safety is being sacrificed to allow the dominant culture to degrade the subordinate culture.”

“Inclusion” is described as an instance where “everybody’s culture has been heard.”

The slide was written by Dafina Lazurus-Stewart, a transgender individual who condemns “whiteness.”

Another slide asks employees to develop their “cross-cultural competence” by assessing “personal limitations” and the “understanding of your culturally different customers/colleagues without negative judgments.”

The call for DEI programs has also infiltrated the Pentagon.

In January the Pentagon released a strategy calling for the development of a defense-industrial base focusing on diversity.

“Lack of diversity leads to a lack of new ideas and innovation,” the Pentagon states.

“Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is important to ensure that we have an industrial base that reflects the nation itself,” the report says, describing a goal of recruiting individuals from “non-traditional communities.”