White Male

How ‘Diversity’ Turned Tyrannical

What began as an effort to hire more minorities has turned into a demand for ideological engagement.

Hate hoax: ‘White KKK member’ making racially motivated threats to burn down houses and kill neighbors turns out to be black woman, police say

A Georgia neighborhood was terrorized by a person claiming to be a white male member of the Ku Klux Klan. However, police now say that the person making racially motivated threats to burn down houses in the neighborhood and kill people is actually a black woman.

January 6th Prisoners Dress Up Like Cubans So GOP Will Finally Notice Them

In a desperate bid to alleviate their plight, Trump supporters who are still being tormented in prison for participating in the January 6 Capitol incursion are identifying as Cubans in the hope Republican lawmakers will finally care about them.

Tamir Rice’s mom rips Shaun King for making money off her son’s death, calls him “white man acting black”

I don't know how many times Shaun King needs to be exposed as a scammer for people to wake up, but here we go again...

Oregon newspaper tweets that since a white male was killed in an officer involved shooting there was no reason to riot

The Oregonian tweeted on Saturday that since it was a white male who was killed on Friday in an officer involved shooting, there was no reason to riot.

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