Former CBS News Anchor Alleges He Was Fired for Being White

Former CBS News anchor Jeff Vaughn has filed a lawsuit against the network after he was allegedly fired for being a white male.

Vaughn was replaced in 2022 by a younger black man, Chancy Glover, who fulfilled CBS News’ diversity requirements.

The anchor was told by the general manager at CBS News Los Angeles that he would not be working with the network and would be replaced in six months. Vaughn claimed that the manager did not provide a reason for his forced leave, but said, “it’s not about the ratings.”

According to the complaint, “CBS decided that there were too many white males at CBS, and it acted accordingly. It needed to solve its ‘white problem’ by firing successful white males.”

Vaughn also alleged that he was intentionally excluded from promotional events. For example, Vaughn claimed he was “completely left out” during the network’s 9/11 anniversary special. Those who were “racial or gender minorities” were included.

Such actions were “kicked into high gear,” Vaughn’s complaint notes, when CBS News and Stations President Wendy McMahon was hired in 2021.“The truth is, CBS News, at the direction of McMahon, implemented an illegal hiring, promotion, or retention policy based on age, race, sexual orientation and sex,” the lawsuit said.