Black Women Will ‘Blow The Party Up’ If Kamala Is Not The VP Choice

A Biden delegate has warned that black women will destroy the Democratic Party if the party chooses a white man over current Vice President Kamala Harris for the 2024 presidential ticket. 

The delegate, Areva Martin, explained that while there are plenty of qualified individuals to join Biden on the presidential ticket, it would ruin the party to not keep Kamala. Martin asserted, “If you pick a white man over Kamala Harris, black women, I can tell you this, we gon’ walk away,  we gon’ blow the party up.”

Martin’s comments highlight the importance of representation and the significant role black women play in the Democratic Party. She continued to note, “So if Joe Biden, when he gets reelected, which my prediction is that he will, he brings with him Kamala Harris, the most diverse administration in the history of this country. Y’all need to just stay the course. We got more black judges appointed under Joe Biden than anyone, even President Barack Obama.”

Kamala Harris, the first black and South Asian woman to serve as Vice President, has faced mixed reviews during her tenure. While some praise her achievements and representation, others have criticized her performance and question her electability in a general election.

It is unknown how many are in agreement with Martin’s comment and what the alternative would be should a white male me appointed to the spot currently held by Kamala Harris.