Voting Rights

How is the Constitution Amended?

The United States Constitution is a living document that has been amended 27 times since its adoption in 1787.

American Support for Corporations Pushing Social Issues Drops

The findings indicate that the backing for corporate political engagement dropped to 57%, down from 66% the previous year.

Majority of California Voters Oppose ‘Reparation’ Payments

Voters said that reparation payments are "unfair."

Ukrainian President Demands U.S. Pay for Its Elections

European Union (EU) must pay too.

Roger Stone Says the ‘Democratic Nominee for President Will Be Michelle Obama’

Former Trump campaign advisor Roger Stone predicted that Michelle Obama will be the Democratic presidential candidate.

Texas Makes Election Fraud a Felony

Voting illegally could bring a 20-year sentence.

Alexander Soros Takes Over Open Society Foundation

The father and son say they "think alike."

Hillary Clinton Responds to Trump Indictment By Advertising Merchandise

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton responded to the indictment against former President Donald Trump by advertising "BUT HER EMAILS" hats.

North Carolina Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Voter ID

The Supreme Court of North Carolina ruled in favor of voter ID and also granted lawmakers the power to draw redistricting maps Friday.

Washington State Automatically Registered Many Illegal Immigrants To Vote

Following the latest midterm elections, the Washington Department of Licensing received reports of many foreign nationals being automatically registered to vote in the state.

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