Amazon Urged to Censor Books Countering Govt Narrative During COVID Pandemic

Documents obtained by the House Judiciary Committee and Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government revealed that Amazon was pressured by the Biden administration to remove books that contained messages contrary to the government narrative during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Seattle Considers Reimplementing Masks

Seattle is considering reimplementing mask mandates for travel as the city's emergency rooms saw a slight increase in visits relating to COVID-19.

Biden Campaign Says Video of G7 Confusion ‘Disinformation’

The Biden administration has claimed that the viral video of President Joe Biden wandering away during the G7 meeting is "disinformation."

HHS Group Developing Oral, Nasal COVID-19 Vaccine

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced that they are funding the development of an oral and nasal COVID-19 vaccine.

Diners Across America Writing ‘Vote Trump, No Taxes On Tips!’ on Receipts

Diners across the country are writing “Vote Trump, No Taxes On Tips!” on their server checks ahead of the upcoming election.

Biden’s ‘Awkward’ Normandy Appearance Captures Global Attention

A video of U.S. President Joe Biden attending a D-Day commemoration celebration in Normandy, France, has gone viral. The video shows Biden on stage with...

Moderna, Pfizer Developing Bird Flu Vaccine: Report

A recent report from Barron's details that vaccine developers Moderna and Pfizer are likely creating an avian flu vaccine.

Student Told to Edit Patriotic Speech, Refuses

A seventh-grade student from California has gone viral after he refused to edit a patriotic speech.

Moderna Reports $1.2 Billion Loss as Demand For COVID Vaccine Declines

The American drug company Moderna has reported a first-quarter loss of $1.2 billion after demand for their COVID-19 vaccine has declined.

Columbia Student Banned From Campus After Threatening to ‘Murder Zionists’

Columbia University banned the student who discussed "murdering Zionists" from campus following the incident.

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