Vice President Mike Pence

Mike Pence Drops Out of 2024 Presidential Race

Former Vice President Mike Pence announced at the annual leadership summit of the Republican Jewish Coalition that he is dropping out of the 2024 presidential race.

Trump Dominates GOP Fundraising as Rivals Scramble for Cash

In the race for GOP campaign funds, former President Donald Trump remains unparalleled, outpacing all his Republican contenders combined.

Trump Ahead of Biden in 2024 Presidential Face-Off: Daily Mail Survey

This recent poll shows Trump at 45 points compared to Biden's 44.

Billionaire Allegedly Aiding Zelensky Arrested for Money Laundering

Before becoming president of Ukraine, comedian Volodymyr Zelensky's show ran on billionaire Ihor Kolomoisky-controlled media.

Debate Audience Told to Stop Booing Chris Christie

Fox News anchor Bret Baier asked those in the audience to collect themselves.

RNC Debate Sees Candidates Divided Over Trump’s Future, Ukraine Support

Ramaswamy, consistently taking a bolder stance than his counterparts, challenged the candidates, "Join me making a commitment that on day one, you would pardon Donald Trump."

Trump Beats Biden in Michigan Ahead of Potential 2024 Race

Trump secures 43% of the voters' support, slightly above Biden's 41%.

Bill Barr ‘Will Not Endorse Trump,’ Does Not Know How He Will Vote in General Election

Former Attorney General Bill Barr told NBC News that he will not vote for Trump in future elections.

Mike Pence Supports Abortion Up to 15 Weeks

On Twitter, he wrote, "I’m #ProLife and I don’t apologize for it and I do believe the time has come for us to establish a minimum national standard of 15 weeks. I think creating a minimum national standard for when a child is able to feel pain in the womb is an idea whose time has come."

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