Former Vice President Pence Says Trump Conviction is ‘Disservice to the Nation’

Former Vice President Mike Pence said a “terrible message” has been sent following the Donald Trump guilty verdict.

“The conviction of former President Trump on politically motivated charges is an outrage and disservice to the nation,” Pence said.

“No one is above the law, but our courts must not become a tool to be used against political opponents,” Pence continued. “To millions of Americans, this was nothing more than a political prosecution driven by a Manhattan DA who ran for office on a pledge to indict the former president and this conviction undermines confidence in our system of justice.” 

“This conviction also sends a terrible message to the wider world about the American justice system and only further divides us at a time when the American people are struggling under the failed policies of the Biden administration at home and abroad,” he added.

“Having been convicted in a court of law, the former president has every right to appeal this conviction and I trust it will be overturned on appeal in a manner that will restore public confidence in our system of justice and equal treatment under the law,” Pence continued.

A New York jury found the former president guilty on all 34 counts this week.

Judge Juan Merchan previously told the jurors that they did not need to reach a unanimous decision on the matter.