Vaccine Rollout

Special Counsel David Weiss Appointment Violates U.S. Code

Weiss already worked for the U.S. government prior to the appointment.

11% Increase in Cancer Cases from 2019 to 2023—Only 6% Increase from 2015 to 2019, Just Before COVID Vaccine Rollout: American Cancer Society Data

The percent increase in cancer rate estimates in the U.S. between 2019 and 2023 nearly doubled the percent increase between 2015 and 2019.

Life-Threatening Reports After COVID Vax Jump 4,400% in Florida: State Surgeon General Issues Safety Alert

Florida's Surgeon General issued a safety alert after a 4,400% increase in reports of life-threatening conditions following COVID-19 vaccination.

Moderna Developing 3-In-1 Jab for COVID, Flu, RSV

Australian vaccine researchers have launched clinical trials investigating whether a 3-in-1 jab produced by Moderna could target Covid, Flu and RSV.

Former Australian Medical Association President Reveals ‘Devastating’ COVID Vax Injury

Dr. Kerryn Phelps claims she and her wife both suffered serious, ongoing injuries after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine and that vaccine injury is a topic that few in the medical profession are willing to discuss.

German Insurance Data Correlates Spikes in Sudden Death with Vaccine Distribution

Sudden deaths have increased by 8,000 people per quarter since the 2021 COVID vaccine rollout, now nearing 14,000 deaths per quarter.

COVID-19 Vaccine Compensation Programs Failing Those Who Need It Most

Certain governments across the globe have established a compensation program to compensate their citizens who suffer injuries or death from the COVID-19 shots and treatments recommended during the pandemic.

No Evidence to Back Autumn COVID-19 Boosters: UK Mathematician

There is no longer evidence that suggests anyone should get the COVID-19 vaccines, a British mathematician said as the UK government rolls out another booster campaign ahead of the winter season.

Top Biden Adviser’s Consulting Clients Stand to Benefit From New Gov’t Spending

White House Senior adviser Anita Dunn has consulted for companies and trade groups that have benefited or stand to benefit from federal funding and is being forced to recuse herself from matters involving them, according to a financial disclosure.

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